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David's Harp (Kinnor)


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This David’s Harp (kinnor) is a true musical instrument with a large sound box which produces "room" volume and does not need amplification (unless "performing" in a large hall or outside area.)
It is "face" strung for easy string re-placement. The bronzed stainless steel strings give a bright clear sound.'

This harp is used as an accompaniment for a singer or for making spiritual sounds or just playing your favourite melodies. Engraving depicts grape vines up each "arm" of the harp, and is an optional extra, in other words, the engraving which is pictured, is extra, but let me say it looks so much better WITH the engraving than without.  Too plain without. Still, the choice is yours.

The 2 or 4 wound bass strings give an added dimension to any music you may endeavour to create.....String spacing is 15mm( 3/4") for easier playing.....

 Nylon strings give a mellow sound and are all monofilement......

Height.....600mm (24")
Width.......410mm (16")
Weight....1.5kg (3lbs)
10 strings bronzed stainless steel strings,
  Tuned to D (Bminor) in the AEOLEAN mode.....
  (You can also tune the A up to Bb for a haunting mid-eastern sound....

Product Code: JDH10

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