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Melbourne to Jerusalem

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'Melbourne to Jerusalem is your guided tour to the past, present, and future.' says Leonard Sweet in this book's forward. The eyes of the whole world are on Jerusalem. The Holy City and Israel/Palestine continue to dominate the headlines. The author Dr Kameel Majdali takes several trips to Israel each year, and on this you are invited along.

Talk of peace and war occur side-by-side. Great focus remains on 14 hectares of sacred space, called the Haram/Temple Mount - the most hotly contested piece of real estate in the world. Yet despite all this, right under the media's radar; a mighty river continues to flow. From the four corners of the earth, during times of peace, plenty, penury, and tension, Christian pilgrims make the journey to the land Jesus called 'home.'

This book is one of the first major accounts of Christian Pilgramage since the 1967 Six Day War. It comprises two books. Book One: speaks about the historical and geographical background of Christian pilgrimage, as well as of Israel/Palestine up to and including the 2006 Summer War. Book Two: takes you on the 13,725 kilometer journey with 22 Australian pilgrims. Learn why they were willing to visit the land just 2 months after a war and what they did when the arrived there. Come with them to the places immortalised in Scripture: the Dead Sea, Armageddon, Galilee ... and Jerusalem.

Together, you will find a balanced, incisive, and inspiring introduction to the modern Middle East and the journey that continues to change lives. Political entanglements and regional conflict will give way to the uplifting power of simple faith, Melbourne to Jerusalem is your opportunity to savor a rich tradition that is insightful, faith-building, and heart-warming. Once you start reading you will not be able to put it down!

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