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Return to the Hiding Place (2013) is a film based upon the factual accounting of Hans Poley's World War II encounter with Corrie ten Boom, his involvement in the Dutch resistance and the wartime harboring of Jewish refugees. A non-Jewish fugitive himself, for refusing to pledge his allegiance to the Nazi party; Poley was the first person hidden from the Nazis in Ten Boom House, which today is a museum in Haarlem, Netherlands. The film is adapted, in part, from Poley's book, Return to the Hiding Place (1993), personal recollections, relayed to screenwriter Dr. Peter C. Spencer, and research from the Dutch National Archives. The film is neither a prequel, nor a sequel to the 1975 film, The Hiding Place; rather, Return to the Hiding Place is a congruent accounting of Dutch underground resistance efforts from Hans Poley's perspective. It was directed by Peter C. Spencer and starred John Rhys-Davies, Mimi Sagadin and Craig Robert Young.

A reviewer wrote, "I highly recommend this to everyone, especially for our youth to partake and see the supreme true story example, of what it is to stand for something for a vastly larger purpose beyond themselves. 

Corrie ten Boom's story is one in a million. Nearly every life that has been touched by the 1975, "The Hiding Place" and its stunning reality of the message of forgiveness worked into the framework of the plot of her rare and untouchable example, causes the viewer to thirst for more information on this dreaded and difficult time in history of WWII. 

When I learned that Return to the Hiding Place, sequel to her story, was to be released, it was a delight to know that more of the story was to be revealed concerning the underground work of Holocaust and the resistance to the German Occupation. 

To see the details of work of her "youth army" led by Hans Poley and Piet Hartog , young and brave men they were, gives this film a position that would challenge any youth of today to question their own maturity level, compelling a natural introspection to do something for a greater purpose and cause. Only a masterfully executed direction and production by the Spencer Team could pull this off in this beautiful and rich example of what few may know took place with the younger generation of the 1940s. 

With the reality of Human Trafficking and Bullying that Hitler was notorious for inciting, no one can argue with ANY merit that this work in time wouldn't touch the viewer and place into the mind a self-evaluation, for a life impacting "take away". 

Dr. Spencer worked DIRECTLY with Hans Poley and heard the story first hand, working diligently to preserve the miraculous details of the truth of what actually took place. 

Nothing can quite measure against the passion behind "why" this film was created, and completed for an eternal purpose. Acting, location shots, editing, and final product are par exellence."

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