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Rose's Journey: A Christian in the Holocaust, Myrna Grant


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First published under the name, "The Journey: The Story of Rose Warmer's Triumphant Discovery" this book is being reissued with an updated Epilogue. In Stuart Dauermann's review, he says, "This book is the remarkable story of a remarkable woman. It is a story inexplicable apart from the reality of God. I met the author in the 1970s in Israel when she was in her 70s and was profoundly moved by her intelligence, the attentiveness with which she interacted with me, and by the gracefulness of her hands and body movements. A sculptor and dancer in her youth, her body bore everlastingly the characteristics of her craft and giftedness. My meeting lasted perhaps 45 minutes, but I have never forgotten it. Nor have I forgotten Rose's book. Here you too will meet her in all her gracefulness and intelligence. But most importantly, you will meet her faith in Yeshua, Jesus her Messiah, a faith which transformed her life and which shone brightly in the concentration camps where even people who despised her for being a Jew who believed in "that man" were drawn to her again and again to drink from the wellsprings of faith and hope which sustained her, and them. Come, read, and meet Rose Warmer. As for me, so for you, it will be an unforgettable and transforming experience."

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