Sermons of Bob Mendelsohn, national director of Jews for Jesus in Australia

Bob likes to teach through books of the Bible, but look to the end of this list and you will find individual or thematic sermons.
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Exodus Series:
Joseph's Legacy Exodus 1
Moses: Born to Deliver Exodus 2
Excuses (Part 1) Exodus 3
Excuses (Part 2) Exodus 4
When it goes from bad to worse Exodus 5
God will remember Exodus 6
Hard heartedness Exodus 7
Plagues.... they keep on coming Exodus 8
Compromise Exodus 9
Passover Exodus 12
Look what_s ahead Exodus 13
Red Sea Crossing Exodus 14
Some lessons on Freedom Exodus 15
Manna in the Wilderness Exodus 16
What comes out may surprise you Exodus 17
Always we can improve Exodus 18
Protection of the innocent Exodus 21
Thou shalt not steal Exodus 22
Working out daily justice Exodus 23
Mediator of a covenant Exodus 24
Of altars and lamps Exodus 27
The clothes make the priest Exodus 28
Ordained and Food Exodus 29
Of altars and taxes and lavers Exodus 30
Chosen Artists and Days Exodus 31
The Golden Calf Exodus 32
Let_s Build Together Exodus 36
The Golden Calf Exodus 32
Let's Build Together Exodus 36
Does the Furniture Make a Home : Tabernacle Furniture explained Exodus 37
An altar to alter your life Exodus 38
As the Lord commanded Moses: A study in obedience Exodus 39
Completion: A job well done Exodus 40

1 Peter series
Salvation belongs to our God 1 Peter 1b
Built together into a holy temple 1 Peter 1c
Suffering with the Saviour 1 Peter 2
Suffering with the Saviour: Part II 1 Peter 3
Attitude Check 1 Peter 4a's so hot! 1 Peter 4 b
Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord 1 Peter 5

2 Peter series:
Are you sure (a call to spiritual growth) 2 Peter 1
Avoid evil: False leaders cause trouble 2 Peter 2-3

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Bob's teaching series on Discipleship [a 19 part series; each modular, but combined to help a new believer sort out the new things of faith and community and such:
Believing Right (Lessons 1-12)
Lesson One:
Faith and the Word
Lesson Two: Creation
Lesson Three Who is Y'shua
Lesson Four The Birth of Y'shua
Lesson Five The Death of Y'shua
Lesson Six The Resurrection of Y'shua
Lesson Seven The 2nd coming of Y'shua
Lesson Eight The Holy Spirit
Lesson Nine Israel
Lesson Ten The Church
Lesson Eleven Forgiveness
Lesson Twelve Resurrection for us!

Starting Right (Lessons 13-19)
Lesson Thirteen Baptism
Lesson Fourteen Prayer
Lesson Fifteen Assurance of salvation
Lesson Sixteen Fruitfulness
Lesson Seventeen Obedience
Lesson Eighteen Giving
Lesson Nineteen Witnessing

Teaching Right: Lessons 1-7 for Jewish inquirers: (Practice teaching others)
Lesson One Nicodemus
Lesson Two Samaritan woman
Lesson Three Adultery
Lesson Four Blind man
Lesson Five Y'shua in Torah
Lesson Six Y'shua in Prophets
Lesson Seven Y'shua in Writings

Genesis Series
In the beginning Genesis 1b
Created for Pleasure Genesis 2
Suffering in Temptation Genesis 3a
Temptation: How to overcome it Genesis 3b
Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord Genesis 6
Waiting for ....something Genesis 8
Covenants and Rainbows Genesis 9
Hunters and Towers Genesis 10-11
Blessed to Bless Genesis 12
Battles and Money: And Abram tithed to Melchizedek Genesis 14
Faith: Up close and personal Genesis 15
Whatever you say, dear Genesis 16
99 and Counting Genesis 17
Guess who's coming to dinner Genesis 18
The slippery slope Genesis 19
She is my sister Genesis 20
Promises, Promises Genesis 21
The Binding of Isaac Genesis 22
Aging and the Burial of Sarah Genesis 23
A wife for Isaac Genesis 24
Death and Births Genesis 25
Play it again, Sam Genesis 26
Birthrights and blessings Genesis 27
Anticipation of Better Things Genesis 29
But wait, there's more Genesis 30
Making home in the wrong place Genesis 34
Brotherly Love: Speaking peaceably with your brother Genesis 37
Joseph: Guarded passion or Not Sex in the City Genesis 39
Testing and Tensions Genesis 42
The joy of reunion Genesis 43
Arguing the Case Genesis 44
Reunion and Reconciliation Genesis 45
Travels with Jacob and Company Genesis 46
Aliens in a foreign land Genesis 47
Shepherd at the Right Hand Genesis 48
Meant for good Genesis 50

Gospel of Matthew Series
Gospel of Matthew Teaching Series
The birth (and infancy) of the King Outline Matthew 2
The preparing for the King: The Jewish Baptist Matthew 3
The Galileean Ministry of the King: Part I Outline Matthew 4
The Principles of the Kingdom Matthew 5
The Principles of the Kingdom II: Who is Watching Matthew 6
They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway Matthew 7
The King in Action Matthew 8
The King and the Tax Collector: Grace Abounds Matthew 9
The Lord of the Harvest Matthew 10 a
The Lord...sends out labourers Matthew 10 b
Doubting John Matthew 11
Who's the Boss Matthew 12
The Parable of the Sower Matthew 13
The Parables of the Kingdom (Part 2) Matthew 13 b
Dealing with Grief Matthew 14
What defiles a man Matthew 15
Who is this Jesus Matthew 16
The Prophet/King Matthew 17
You are the weakest link Matthew 18
When should I surrender Matthew 19
Tall poppies Matthew 20
Who is the boss Matthew 21a
Many are called Matthew 21b
Passing the test Matthew 22
Look out! Matthew 23
It's all coming to an end Matthew 24a
Be on the alert Matthew 24b-25
Death Pangs Matthew 26a
Trials and tribulations Matthew 26b
Crucified Lamb, Buried King Matthew 27
He is risen Matthew 28
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Revelation series
"Write it down"-- Revelation 1 ( PDF 87k).
"What is God saying to you "-- Revelation 2 ( PDF 149k)
"What's in a name"-- Revelation 3 ( PDF 197k).

"There's no place like home"-- Revelation 4 ( PDF 189k)

"Kingdom and Priests"-- Revelation 5 ( PDF 131k).
"Tyranny and Judgment"-- Revelation 6 ( PDF 770k).
"Who are the 144,000 "-- Revelation 7 ( PDF 140k).
< "Praise or complaints "-- Revelation 8 ( PDF 204k).
"Out of the pit"-- Revelation 9 ( PDF 204k). Back to Top of Page

One Off Sermons

The following are individual sermons Bob gave when asked to speak from a particular passage or on a particular theme:
Trumpets: What is that all about A Rosh Hashanah message 5769 Trumpets
Psalm 9, What's in a name? given on 17 January 2010 in West Pennant Hills at St Matthew's Anglican Church Psalm 9
God of the Second Chance (Exodus 32-34), given at Or Haolam Messianic Congregation 6 March, 2010 Second Chance
Thanksgiving in Thessaloniki (1 Thes. 2.17-3.13), given at Evangelical Free Church, Sydney, October 2009 Thanksgiving
Jesus: The Bread of Life at Shore School in February, 2008
Israel: Peace behind the headlines Given at the Melbourne Club 2003
"Jesus in the Older Testament", a study in messianic prophecy, given at Yoido's Full Gospel Church, the church of Dr David Yonggi Cho
God the Father, from the series on the Apostles Creed God the Father
Getting it right...again Yom Kippur 2007
The Hollywood Director who doesn't show himself The book of Esther
Imitating Christ Philippians 2
How shall a man approach God (Yom Kippur Message) Yom Kippur
God the Father, from the series on the Apostles Creed God the Father
Responding to the Proclamation Acts 17
Mark 10: Family Values Mark 10
Espionage and the Finding of Truth Numbers 13-14
A view from the Top Five Mountains
Pentecost 2007: The Spirit and the Word give life Pentecost
Grace to the undeserving Grace
Today salvation has come to your house Luke 19
A rose by any other name Hosea chapters 1-3
Israel and the Nations A biblical theology of Mission
Light in the Darkness A Hanukkah Message
The Parable of the Sower Luke 8
Proportional Giving: Tithing Tithing, the Hows and Whys

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