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  1. Jews for Jesus began in 32 CE, give or take a year.
  2. Jews for Jesus was incorporated as the modern organization in 1973.
  3. Moishe Rosen founded the organization, but says he “found it happening.”
  4. Moishe was previously an executive of another organization, and also a camera salesman.
  5. Except for Moishe, all of the first vocational staff were hippies.
  6. The Jews for Jesus Presentation Group formed in 1973 and later was named the Liberated Wailing Wall.
  7. In 1972, the mobile drama team named the New Jerusalem Players formed.
  8. Also in 1972 Moishe spoke at “Jesus Joy” Rally at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
  9. The Liberated Wailing Wall went on their first national US tour in 1973.
  10. The first annual summer witnessing campaign in New York City took place in 1974.
  11. Jews for Jesus conducted its first secular media outreach with a full-page ad in the New York Times in 1976.
  12. In 1980 the Liberated Wailing Wall bought a traveling bus.
  13. In 1982 the first ‘probe’ campaign in London was conducted.
  14. The first international branch was opened in 1980 in Toronto Canada.
  15. Johannesburg the first non-North American branch, opened in 1989.
  16. Jews for Jesus won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing literature distribution at Los Angeles International Airport in 1987.
  17. Jews for Jesus expanded dramatically in the former Soviet Union in the 1990’s
  18. In September, 1993 Moscow branch opened. (20 year anniversary too!)
  19. In 1995 Jews for Jesus website was launched in the USA.
  20. Eric Van Camp was the first staff member to die, in his home in Colorado in 1982.
  21. Rachmiel Frydland died in Ohio in 1984. Our chapel at the Jews for Jesus Centre in New York City is dedicated to him.
  22. In 1998 the Sydney branch was established.
  23. In May 1996, David Brickner (a fifth-generation Jewish believer in Jesus) was appointed Executive Director.
  24. Rahel Hirshenson Landrum was the first Israeli to join staff in 1992.
  25. Mark Landrum was among the first to use a mobile phone for ministry in Jews for Jesus in Chicago.
  26. Jews for Jesus has campaigns around the world in cities like Capetown, Berlin, Moscow, Cleveland and Melbourne.
  27. Jews for Jesus started using Apple computers, not PC’s in 1987.
  28. In Tel Aviv, the Moishe Rosen Center was dedicated.
  29. In 2011 the Budapest branch opened.
  30. Critics say that the organization uses vague and misleading language along with deceptive tactics in its attempt to convert Jews to Christianity. These tactics include statements that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecy of Messiah. Fairly forthright, yes?
  31. Avi Snyder, the pioneer of Jews for Jesus’ Russian work is not the founder of Avis car rental.
  32. In addition to its English-language website, the group has websites in Hebrew, Portuguese, Polish, Persian, Italian, Spanish and Korean.
  33. Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home.
  34. Bob Mendelsohn and Moishe Rosen were born at Menorah Hospital, but years apart, in Kansas City.
  35. Rather than having retreats, Jews for Jesus has Ingatherings.
  36. Moishe Rosen died in May 2010.
  37. Jews for Jesus is a Jewish organization.
  38. All front-line staff are Jewish or married to a Jewish person.
  39. Jews for Jesus is a one-issue organization.
  40. Jews for Jesus staff enjoy eating together.