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Battle for Zion CD

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Worship with music that has a true heart for the Holy One of Israel! A must-have for any messianic library, this CD features "Am Echad (One People)," "Yishtabach," "Yavo (King of Glory)," "Darech Kochav," "Hinei Lo Yanum," "The Great Shofar," "The Marriage," "Festival of Lights," "Behold the Lamb of God," "Sha'alu Sh'lom (Pray for the Peace)," and the title track.


1. Am Echad (One People)

2. Battle For Zion

3. Yishtabach

4. Yavo (King Of Glory)

5. Behold The Lamb Of God

6. Hinei Lo Yanum

7. The Great Shofar

8. Darech Kochav

9. The Marriage

10. Sha'alu Shalom (Pray for the Peace)

11. Festival Of Lights

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