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In Search of the Silver Lining


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In Search of the Silver Lining
Where is God in the Midst of Life`s Storms?
Jerry Gramckow

When faced with suffering, what are your choices?

Storms have always raged. And people have either perished in their wake or risen above the tempests, shaping history by their responses…new storms are on the horizon. How will we deal with them? How will we shape history or those who follow us? The answer lies in how we view God in the midst of the storms.

Answers to the problem of pain and tragedy often elude the people of God. In this sensitive book, this editor at Focus on the Family, attempts to answer one of life`s toughest questions, but not in the usual way. He says that the real importance of suffering does not lie merely within the individual`s ability to analyze his condition and solve his problems. He claims that suffering is God`s way of building a close-knit, interdependent community. That community should be the primary way to deal with individual suffering. For those going through difficult circumstances, this book offers a hopeful, scriptural approach that can help you through the storms of life. Foreword by Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. 176 pages. ISBN: 1-880226-86-3



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