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Called to Controversy

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Called to Controversy - The Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews for Jesus.

by Ruth Rosen

Published 2012. Moishe Rosen challenged the status quo for Jews and Christians alike. There will never be a closer, more compelling look at the man behind the mission known as Jews for Jesus.

Called to Controversy, over ten years in the works, tells the truth about Moishe in a variety of voices from his past. Find out:

  • What Moishe Rosen was like as a boy
  • How he came to faith
  • What part he played in the Messianic movement
  • About the more controversial aspects of Jews for Jesus strategy and tactics
  • And more . . .

In Called to Controversy, you'll find a wealth of information layered with drama, humor, analysis and whimsy, offering a comprehensive look at the life of a controversial and complex man from beginning to end.


Published by Thomas Nelson
320 pages


Product Code: BK326

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