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Shalom Israel CD


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Shalom Israel - Favorite Israeli Folk Songs - Hebrew and English

Though many people like to sing in Hebrew, it can be both fun and uplifting to sing the same melodies in English as well. You will rejoice with God's chosen people in an even greater way when you understand the words.
The dual Hebrew/English lyrics will also pass on a better understanding of God's work today in the Holy Land to those who are listening.

    Sample Track Listing -

  # Jerusalem Of Gold - Monserrat Franco
  # David Melech Medley - Voices Of Israel Singers
  # Halleluyah - Monserrat Franco
  # Adon Alam - Eitan Masuri
  # Hava Nagila - Voices Of Israel Singers
  # Hevenu Shalom Alechem - Voices Of Israel Singers
  # Hine Ma Tov - Jonathan Settel
  # Uf'duyei Adonai Yashuvun - Carol Cantrell
  # Esa Einai - Eitan Masuri
  # Yismechu HaShamayim - Voices Of Israel Singers
  # Ose Shalom - Jonathan Settel
  # Mashiach - Eitan Masuri
  # Hine Lo Yanum - Effi Netzer Singers
  # Israeli Hora Medley - Hagevatron
  # Hatikvah - Israel's National Anthem

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