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Son of David CD

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Son of David, Follow-up to Adonai. Experience the Culture of Heaven with worship from the believers living in the Land of Israel today. Son of David, celebrates Israel's 60th Anniversary as the follow-up to the internationally acclaimed CD from the Land of Israel, Adonai which celebrated Israel's Jubilee (Israel's 50th Anniversary in 1998.

1-  Sh'ma Yisrael (Hear oh Israel)

2 - Ten L'esh Lipol (Let the Fire Fall)

3 - Seh HaElohim (Lamb of God) 

4 - Kadosh Ata (You Are Holy)

5 - Adonai Ahuvi (Lord, My Beloved) 

6 - Od V'Od (More and More) 

7 - Eineni Bosh (I am not Ashamed) 

8 - Ana Adonai ( O Lord, I beseech You)

9 - Halo Yadata (Have You Not Known)

10 - Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) 

11 - Scarlet (Shani)

12 - Ezo Min Ahava Zot (What Kind of Love is This) 

13 - Son of David (Ben David)

14 - Mimkomkha (From Your Dwelling Place)

15 - Ha Eretz (The Land) 

16 - Yeshua, Melech HaKavod (Yeshua, King of Glory) 


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