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Comfortably Jewish


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If being Jewish is important to you but you are not exactly sure how to express it, then this book is for you.


If you’re in a Jewish-Gentile marriage or if you’re not that involved with the Jewish community, how do you pass on a sense of meaningful Jewishness to your kids? Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out the answers alone. Garrett Smith, the author of Comfortably Jewish, has a conversational, engaging writing style and in this, his first book, he shares stories and practical tips on several aspects of Jewish life such as children’s activities, Jewish food and celebrating the holidays. A must-have resource for families who want to enjoy the Jewish side of life!



“In a distinctly Jewish voice, Smith enables readers to incorporate Jewishculture and tradition into their lives while giving them the pieces to honor thefaith and meaningful traditions of their non-Jewish spouse.”

—Shoshanna Pucci (Masters of Teaching), teacher and intermarried mother of three


Garrett R. Smith (M.Div., Gordon Conwell) and his wife, Nici, both children of Jewish intermarried couples, are practicing everything he describes in this book as they raise their own children. Garrett is the director of Celebrate Life (, a ministry to Jewish interfaith families. He has spoken extensively to Jewish, non-Jewish, and mixed audiences about issues of faith and culture.

Comfortably Jewish is great book you can give as a gift to a Jewish friend, especially if they are married to someone not Jewish. It gives lots of practical tips for things they can do as a family, and they will really appreciate it. But at the end, it contains the author’s story of coming to Jesus, so it’s a witness as well. You can say to your friend, ‘I saw this book and I thought of you. I hope you find it interesting.



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