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Donate to JFJ

If you would like to donate to Jews for Jesus Australia, please click the Pay Pal button below. This is the easiest method. You can also send a cheque or money order. We certainly appreciate all the support you can give at this time. PayPal uses Australian Dollars. If you want to deposit into our bank directly in Australia, Singapore or in New Zealand, the info is here. Go to your bank or use internet banking, and tell them you want to donate using the following information.

Australia National Australia Bank BSB: 082.067 Account Number: 46-072-8465
New Zealand Bank of New Zealand BSB: 020.484 Account number: 010.6273
Singapore: You may deposit moneys to us in Singapore OCBC : Account name: Jews for Jesus Account # 581.252.897.001

Please Note: We knowingly only accept donations from those who already believe like we do. .To calculate in your own currency (if not Australian dollars), we can help you if you email us. Thanks so much. We really appreciate you!

Regarding wills:
Please include the following wording in your will if you wish to make a contribution in your will to Jews for Jesus after you pass on from this life to be with Yeshua.
"I bequeath the sum of or xx% of my estate, free of all Probate and Death Duties to Jews for Jesus of Australia, in the State of New South Wales, for the general purpose of the said organisation and I DECLARE that the receipt of the Jews for Jesus authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees who shall not be obliged to see to the application thereof." For a new method of giving, check with your lawyer, accountant or the Australian Tax Office about PPFs, a very helpful way to give. Also Steer, Inc, in Melbourne steers tax-deductible moneys to missions.