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God's people poster


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God has great love towards His people. He calls them by names of endearment. How encouraging for us to read of His love toward us. The Hebrew names of God's people on a honey pot. Amy is an Israeli/American artist. Large �18x24� inch prints. (50 x 71 cm) Mosaic Designs are all in Hebrew with English translation on the design

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God's People Poster

I ordered this Poster and it appeared to be much deeper in colour ie dark blue and chocolate browns etc online. I checked this out on several different computers , but disappointingly it was not accurate, the colours are in reality, pale and washed out. No disrespect to the artist. It was probably how the poster was photographed originally. Best to see and buy in the physical.

Elizabeth Agunlejika :: Jan 23 2015, 11:23 am

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