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Hebrew for Dummies


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One of the most amazing things about Hebrew is that, in less than a century, it has gone from an ancient language of prayer and ritual spoken by a few holy men to a modern language of sunbathing, dining, going to the movies, and countless other everyday activities, spoken by millions.

Modern Hebrew is a beautiful language, but for a native English speaker it can be tough wrapping your tongue around exotic expressions like "Ha'im Ayn Oogiyot?" ("What, no cookies?"). As with any language, the quickest way to master Hebrew basics is to immerse yourself in its sounds and rhythms. The next best thing to six months in Haifa, Hebrew For Dummies lets you do just that! Whether you want to communicate with your Israeli cousins, understand Jewish prayers and sacred literature, impress your Jewish in-laws, or you're planning a trip to Israel, this book/audio package can help. In no time, you'll:

Master Hebrew sounds and rhythms Understand basic grammar and usage Get a handle on the Hebrew alphabet Make small-talk, and most everyday transactions Discover the basics of Hebrew blessings and prayer Gain insights into Hebrew culture and traditions Each chapter of Hebrew For Dummies is organized around a specific set of activities-such as eating, traveling, shopping, and asking directions-and gives you the lowdown on all the Hebrew you'll need to get by.

Topics covered include: Eating, going shopping, having fun, sports, hobbies, talking on the phone, communicating around the office, and other everyday activities Hebrew for travelers, including transportation, hotels, money changing, asking directions, and handling emergencies Sacred Hebrew,

ISBN:   9780764554896
Publication Date:      2003-05-02
Publisher:    John Wiley & Sons, Incorpo
Illustrations:    Illustrations
Country of origin:   USA
Pages:     384
Dimensions (mm):     232 x 192 x 22
Weight:        567g

Product Code: HEB44

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