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Sar Shalom

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 Breakthrough From the Land of Israel by Karen Davis

Sar Shalom is Hebrew for Prince of Peace. As nations search for peace, believers in Yeshua understand that only he is the source of everlasting shalom. Karen`s melodious voice shines in her latest offering.  You will be especially moved by El Gibor V`El Elyon (Mighty God, Most High). This special release includes 37 minutes of interviews. 

Track Listing

   1. Overture (Hear Our Cry)
   2. All of Creation Sings
   3. Ana Adonai (I Beseech You Lord)
   4. Esa Einai (I Will Lift My Eyes)
   5. I Will Lift My Eyes
   6. Lord Of The Breakthroughs (Instrumental)
   7. El Gibor V’el Elyon (Mighty God Most High)
   8. Kuma Adonai (Arise O Lord)
   9. I Will Answer
  10. Achat Sha’alti (One Thing Have I Desired)
  11. Ahalel (I Will Praise)
  12. Baruch Haba Yeshua (Blessed Is He Who Comes)
  13. From Everlasting To Everlasting

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