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Countering the Counter Missionaries CDs

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By Michael L Brown

Do you have questions about the Messianic credentials of Y'shua? Do you need in-depth, intellectually sound responses to the objections posed by traditional Judaism?

For the first time, there is a comprehensive CD series devoted exclusively to countering the counter-missionaries. This series provides more than 20 hours of teaching, grounded in solid biblical and Jewish scholarship, that responds to all the major objections brought against the Messiahship of Jesus, demonstrating from the Scriptures that he is the promised Redeemer of the Jewish people and the Savior of the world.

A important resource will be a great faith builder for those who are struggling, a great outreach tool for those who are seeking, and a great source of edification and enrichment for those who are involved in Jewish evangelism and for all those who love the Word.

This 22 hour teaching series is also available on DVD.


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