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Zola's Introduction to Hebrew


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by John Parsons Unlike most academic books on Biblical Hebrew, this course provides a step-by-step approach that will enable you to understand the Hebraic mindset while learning the alphabet and vowel signs.

Studying at your own pace, you will master the Hebrew alphabet, sound out actual Hebrew words, and begin connecting your studies with your heart by reading Hebrew prayers, blessing, and even passages from Scripture!

Using this resource, you will learn more than mere academic material; you will learn the underlying spirit of the Hebrew heart. The book also provides fascinating information throughout, to illustrate how learning Hebrew gives you a better understanding of the Lord Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. More from Yom ha 'Atzmaut

Publisher: Zola Levitt Ministries Pages: 412

ISBN: 1-930749-44-9

Product Code: BK888

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