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Privacy Policy

JEWS FOR JESUS - PRIVACY POLICY Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is important to us. Following is the information that the Privacy Act requires us to communicate. We recommend that you keep this information for future reference.

Jews For Jesus Jews for Jesus is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide.

Your Personal Information Jews for Jesus is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information. Jews for Jesus is bound by a set of National Privacy Principles that establish the benchmark for how personal and sensitive information should be handled. These principles have been embraced by Jews for Jesus as a part of standard operating procedures. What this means is that all personal information that enters the organization is dealt with in a uniform manner and the highest regard is taken for maintaining its security at all times. The personal information collected and maintained by the ministry comprises your name, address, contact details and information specific to your involvement or support of our organisation. Because Jews for Jesus focuses on biblical ministry to Jewish people, in some cases we may also collect and maintain sensitive information. This may comprise information about your racial or ethnic origin, denominational affiliation or membership with other organisations or professional associations.

Disclosure & use of Personal Information The information requested allows us to manage risk, provide reasonable care, and administer your contributions to JFJ. Your personal or sensitive information is also collected for research and marketing to develop our services and for our own promotion. If you do not wish us to use your personal or sensitive information for these purposes, please call us on 02.9388.0559 or email on [email protected] Any sensitive information collected is only done so where the information relates solely to individuals who have regular contact with the ministry in connection with our activities or services and this information will not be disclosed by the organization without an individual's consent.

Contacting us about access & correction of your Personal Information Jews for Jesus aims to ensure that your personal information is accurate, up-to-date and complete. If you are concerned that the organization may have handled your personal information inappropriately please contact our Privacy Officer on (02) 9388.0559 , 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Or write to us at PO Box 925, Sydney 2001 AUSTRALIA.

Please also contact this number if you would like to seek access to or revise your personal information or if you feel that the information we currently have on record is incorrect or incomplete, or believe that the privacy of your personal information has been interfered with. In these cases you are entitled to raise your concerns. Your complaint will be managed and resolved appropriately. All complaints are taken seriously and we will endeavour to deal with them promptly. It is the policy of Jews for Jesus that all requests for access are made in writing. Our Privacy Officer can assist with any inquiries you may have about the process.

The ministry will respond to all requests for access within 45 days and, in most cases will be able to respond well before that time. For more information you can visit our website at:

What if you choose not to provide us with information? We only ask for information that is necessary for the purposes outlined in this statement. In some circumstances if you do not provide us with all requests and information you could miss the opportunity to be involved in some activities, programs or services we offer or miss out on receiving newsletters and updates about the organization. We don't want that for you. Thanks so much for being part of our outreach for Yeshua in these last days.