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Teach your Feet DVD Volume 2


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Learning DVD #2 - Basic Dance Combinations, is geared for the Beginning to Intermediate level dancer who is trying to increase their skills and coordination. This is also a great resource to help the dancer choreograph dances for their own congregation. The combinations included are: Mayim Combinations, Mayim & Tcherkessia & Pivot, Hopping Tcherkessia & Ashrei & Hopping Mayim & Hopping Turns, Step Cross & Yemenite, Yemenite & Cha Cha & Pivot, Klezmer, Step Cross & Turn, Step Cross & Box Step & Tcherkessia & Pivot, Waltz Step & Turn & Coupe, Mayim & Balance & Debka, Hora & Step Cross & Turn, Miserlu, Yemenite & Cha Cha

The picture is of DVD 1 and 2 together, but be assured that if you order #2, you will only receive #2.

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