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Zealous over Zion CD

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A wonderful collection of beautifully moving lyrics of praise to our God. A must have for any Messianic or Christian music lover.

Ted Pearce is a great leader of worship. This CD is no exception. Great music and great worship for a GREAT G-D!

An outstanding worship album! Ted Pearce's lyrics are straight outa Scripture, with a liberal use of Hebrew. The music is a blend of traditional Jewish forms and contemporary praise. A must for any Messianic library.



1. Zealous Over Zion

2. Bless The Name Yeshua   

3. Sons of Abraham  

4. Rejoice   

5. Arise   

6. Babylon   

7. Refuge And Strength  

8. Let There Be Love   

9. Congregation Of Righteousness

10. Isaiah 44

11. Kineti

12. Gili Meod  

13. Miflati

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