Community: Alliances / Partnerships

As Jewish people who love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and who try to love to our neighbour as ourselves, we are mindful of others doing similar things. And more specifically since “Messianic” refers to those who are interested in the Jewish side of what some call Christianity (a term that seriously needs reviewing), we have found others with whom we share similar goals and perspectives.

In Australia, we are members of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) which also has network affiliates in Europe, America, Israel, South Africa, and other parts worldwide.

Other agencies participate with us at LCJE, including Celebrate Messiah Australia (based in Melbourne), A Christian Ministry among the Jewish people (based in WA), Christian Witness to Israel (based in Sydney), Manna International (based in South Australia), Ariel Ministries (based in the US), Awake to Israel (based in Sydney), and many independent and individual outreaches among the Jewish people. We all do not agree on everything, but we all agree on the main thing: that Jesus is for everyone. We also believe Jewish people can and should be offered the choice to consider the Messiahship of Yeshua for themselves and make up their own minds.

Jews for Jesus is an international ministry with headquarters in San Francisco, and with branches in in Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, UK, Germany, South Africa, France, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Hungary. We also have volunteers throughout the world who represent us in these cities.