Community: In Conversation

Two Jews… three opinions: so says the old adage, and more often than not, it’s true. So we welcome your thoughts, ideas, and conversation. The easiest place to do that is in person, and then it’s over coffee and an open Bible; you never know where that human interaction will take us. Email or ring us (02.9388.0559) to organize this.

Facebook is the latest forum for conversation. Also, our Jews for Jesus AustralAsia page is a great place for comments.

Another alternate to in-person chat is LiveChat on our website. We have trained volunteers and staff worldwide who assist in such conversations. Simply click the “Chat with us” button, and we will have a quick chat.

The eGroup on Yahoo still continues incidental – and not at all instant – conversation. But it allows for anonymity and calm dialogue.

Finally, the blog spot Blogger invites responses, and you can look back over years of thoughts and write about whatever topic is concerning you.