How to get involved

Our organisation has no official membership although our staff officially represent us. Perhaps you’d like to participate in programs or learn from us as an inquirer. Maybe you’ve already investigated and are now ready to repent of your sins and accept Yeshua as your personal Saviour, Lord and Messiah.

Then what should I do?

1) You should acknowledge God’s awesome love for you

2) You should repent of the many sins you have committed against Him for which He would be justified in punishing you

3) You should ask God to forgive you in Yeshua’s name for these sins and those you don’t even know about just now

4) You should ask Jesus to be your Saviour and deliverer and Lord, and ask him to fill your life with His Spirit. Ask Him to make you born again. And in that moment He will do it!

5) You should believe in your heart that God raised Yeshua from the dead, and verbalise it, saying Yeshua is Lord.

I´ve just accepted Yeshua, Now what? Please contact us here.

How do I contribute?

If you are a believer AND you are regular in giving to your home congregation, we welcome your gifts of support.If this website or this ministry has been a blessing to you, we ask that you consider supporting what the Almighty is doing through us. We thank you for your support and generosity.

You may use Mastercard, American Express or Visa for donations or PayPal itself, as well or you can mail your cheque or money order to our national office in your country.

Australia (PO Box 925, Sydney 2001)

New Zealand (PO Box 564, Rangiora)

Singapore (Bedok Central PO Box 552, Sg 914606)

Another way of contributing is by direct deposit.

Bank accounts for Jews for Jesus donations:

Name of Account: Jews for Jesus
National Australia Bank
Account Number: 46-072-8465
Bank Number (BSB) 082-067

You may deposit moneys to us in Singapore
OCBC : Account name: Jews for Jesus
Account # 581.252.897.001
For banking contribution to Jews for Jesus in New Zealand
BNZ: BSB. 020.484
Account # 010.6273

To contact us:
PO Box 564
Rangiora 7440JFJ
Bedok Central PO Box 552
Singapore 914606

You can now make a donation via PayPal by visiting the Giving page.
Do you live in or near Sydney? You might want to come to the Book shop in Bondi Junction, 58 Bronte Road, to pick up some items to learn, to strengthen your faith, or to help you in sharing it with others.
If you would like to attend a meeting, we have monthly “OneNewMan” meetings in Waverley. Ring the office for details or send us an email. Thanks.
For information about wills and post-retirement giving, see below.
Please Note: We knowingly only accept donations from those who already believe like we do. To calculate in your own currency (if not Australian dollars), we can help you if you email us. Thanks so much. We really appreciate you!

Regarding wills:
Please include the following wording in your will if you wish to make a contribution in your will to Jews for Jesus after you pass on from this life to be with Yeshua.”I bequeath the sum of $xxxx or xx% of my estate, free of all Probate and Death Duties to Jews for Jesus of Australia. (ABN: 50 084 937 422. Address: Shop 1/ 58 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction NSW 2022) in the State of New South Wales, for the general purpose of the said organisation and I DECLARE that the receipt of the Jews for Jesus authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees who shall not be obliged to see to the application thereof.”

Do I have to contribute?
Not at all. Jews for Jesus is supported by freewill offerings from believers, but no one has to pay to learn from us, to receive mailings, or to feel a part of God´s move among the Jews in these last days.
Are my donations tax-deductible?
Not if given to Jews for Jesus directly. but many people use the organization Steer in Melbourne, Victoria, to donate and then receive tax deductions. The system is authorized by the Australian government and provides much for missions. By notifying Steer of your intentions, you can give to Jews for Jesus in Australia with a suitable tax deduction. Visit and learn about them at Steer Australia .