Jewish Stories

Have you ever wondered what kind of a Jewish person would believe in Jesus? The answer is, all kinds. There are Jewish doctors, lawyers, artists, musicians, engineers and scientists who believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

etc, etc, etc.


Read their intimate, candid and unvarnished first-person accounts. These nineteen diverse stories reveal the peace each person has discovered in Yeshua.



They all had reasons why they would never believe . . . but they were willing to examine those reasons and more important, they were willing to ask God to show them the truth. Maybe one of their journeys will resonate with you.

Item Title
Barbara Korycka
David Lewinsohn
Ziggy Rogoff
Richard Harvey
Yoel Ben David
Jonathan Bernd
Barry Barnett
Stephen Katz
Susan Perlman
Katya Shelest
Tuvya Zaretsky
Galina Bogomolova
Maxim Ammosov
Igor Barbanel
Dmitry Arlouski
Laura Barron
Karl deSouza
Mel Hellman
Rob Wertheim
Michael Sischy
Jhan Moskowitz
Oded Cohen
Sharon Sommer
Moishe Rosen
Janie-Sue Wertheim
Andrew Barron
Barry Barnett Janie-Sue Wertheim Oded Cohen Sharon Sommer Michael Sischy Moishe Rosen Andrew Barron Richard Harvey Jonathan Bernd Yoel Ben David Karl deSouza Ziggy Rogoff Igor Barbanel Susan Perlman Dmitry Arlouski Laura Barron Rob Wertheim Mel Hellman Maxim Ammosov Tuvya Zaretsky Stephen Katz Galina Bogomolova Katya Shelest Jhan Moskowitz