Delicia McNair

Excerpt from finding Messiah by Delysia McNair

I’m from Sydney, Australia. And I grew up in a Jewish home. I’ve always loved God, all my life, and I took myself to synogogue, because I wanted to find out more about him. But I hated the name of Jesus, because when I was little at school, the children would come up to me and say, ‘You’re a Jew. You crucified Christ.’ 

I met my friend, Margery. She asked me, did I know that the Old Testament and the New Testament were written mostly by Jewish people? Did I know that Jesus was Jewish? Had I ever read the New Testament? And I said, of course not! We’d never have that book in our house! 

She asked me, ‘If I give you a New Testament, will you read it?’ I said, ‘I’ll read it and show you how wrong you are!’

So, I started to look them up, and I was amazed, Jesus had to be of the tribe of David. And I thought, isn’t this clever, someone’s written it so well to make it seem like it’s true! And by the time I’d finished reading that book, totally against my will, over months, I was convinced, this Jesus of Nazareth had to be the chosen messiah. But I didn’t want to do anything about it!”

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