Katya Shelest

Katya ShelestAs a little girl, my grandfather took me with him to a Baptist church, but I was not really interested. We moved to Germany when I was 14 years old and I dove into the standard teenager’s lifestyle: discos, cigarettes, alcohol. I could not understand my parents very well and we had a very stressful relationship.

One day, a relative of mine told me about Jesus. He said the spiritual world was real and that God and devil really existed. I realized that every person had to make a choice in their lives and decide who to follow. So I chose… and decided to follow Jesus.

Unfortunately, six months later I was drawn back into this world. Just as the Bible says, the evil spirit brings seven more evil spirits with him to an empty heart. I was even deeper in sin. But for some time now I was feeling rebuke for my actions. It was difficult for me to live in sin now because I knew the Lord at the time. So, time came and the Lord interfered with my life, took away all the obstacles and cleared out the way to Him…

I repented. Soon, the Lord miraculously freed me from my smoking addiction and I am very grateful to Him. He reconciled me with my parents, I felt love to them. He blessed me with a wonderful husband who also loves Him. We serve the Lord together. I tasted the Lord’s mercy and will never trade Him for anything!