Sermons & Bible Classes Archive

You don’t need iTunes for this column. Here are sermons and Bible classes led by Bob Mendelsohn, national director of Jews for Jesus Australia, and some talks by other Jewish believers which you might find helpful.


Older Testament Books

The Books of Moses

Book of Genesis

Given at Beth Messiah Congregation (Sydney)

Book of Exodus

Studies in the Book of Leviticus

More Hebrew Scriptures

The Life of David

Studies in the Book of Proverbs


The Prophets

Isaiah (Salvation belongs to our God: There is Hope!)


Amos: “The Lion Roars”










Nineveh going down

Some Lessons in the Life of Jonah

Book of Ecclesiastes


The Story of Yeshua’s Followers

Studies in the Book of Hebrews

Book of the Revelation

Studies in the Book of Ephesians

Studies in the Book of Acts

  • Beginning of the Community of Faith Acts 2

  • God through the apostles: Healing of a Lame Man Acts 3

  • The Council and Peter/ Stop preaching in that name! Acts 4

  • Discipline in the new Messianic Jewish community Acts 5

  • Problems and solutions and introduction of Stephen Acts 6

  • The sermon and stoning of Stephen Acts 7

  • Saul ravaging the mobilized community – Samaria receives the Word of God Acts 8

  • Saul to Paul: A Jew for Jesus story Acts 9

  • There goes the neighbourhood: Gentiles for Jesus Acts 10

  • Defending himself: Peter on trial... again Acts 11

  • Prayer that works Acts 12

  • Paul: First journey and first sermon Acts 13

  • Paul: Stoning and death in Lystra Acts 14

  • Should Gentiles keep the Law of Moses? The Council in Jerusalem Acts 15

  • A veritable ‘Who’s Who’ in the church of Philippi: The Gospel goes to Europe Acts 16

  • Holy arguments: Talking the language of the other (Berea, Thessalonica, Athens) Acts 17

  • Conversions of synagogue leaders and Apollos joins in Acts 18

  • Finding ‘almost’ converts and confusion settled Acts 19

  • Sleepy disciple healed and elders’ tears in Ephesus Acts 20

  • Should Jewish believers keep the Law? Paul and the vow Acts 21

  • Paul makes his case in Jerusalem Acts 22

  • Divided Sanhedrin and the plot to kill Paul Acts 23

  • Paul in front of Felix Acts 24

  • Agrippa and Bernice arrive Acts 25

  • Paul shares his testimony... again. Agrippa, almost persuaded Acts 26

  • Ahoy matey, a mariner’s journal Acts 27

  • Paul: From Malta to Rome, and beyond? Acts 28

The Epistle of 1 Corinthians



Apologetics Study Series

Studying The Reason for God by Timothy Keller, taught in 2011.

  • How can one religion be right among so many? Chapter 1

  • Why is there so much suffering, if God is so good? Chapter 2

  • Christians are such hypocrites; why would I believe like them? Chapter 4

  • Why would a loving God send anyone to hell? Chapter 5

  • Are science and miracles mutually exclusive? Creation vs evolution pops up, too Chapter 6

  • How can anyone take the Bible literally? Chapter 7

  • Some clues (not proofs) about God Part 2


Other speakers

Paul Cohen, Bible Teacher and JFJ helper for many years.

Tabernacle (delivered May/June 2009).

  • Cyril Gordon is a French Jewish believer in Jesus living in LA and shares his testimony here

  • Daniel Goldberg delivers his Jewish Christian view on the land of Israel and the Middle East here

  • Paul Hueston from SMBC and hospital chaplaincies taught on Daniel and wisdom in Daniel


Individual Sermons

Messages On Particular Passages or Themes