Jewish sermons and church visits

Sons of Abraham Conference. Sydney, Australia.
Lessons from the Book of Jonah; Cross-cultural Evangelism. Date: 22.09.15

Lessons from the book of Jonah.
Servants of Jesus Community. Gathering held on the 18th of June 2017. Speaker is Bob Mendelshon.

“You call that a church?”
(with Bible reference from Acts 16).

“Everything old is new again”, a study in Habakkuk. 2015, St Johns Anglican, Tasmania. (text version)

Liberated Wailing Wall in concert, 2008, Awesome Church, Sydney.

“The Blind Man Sees”, 2012, Subiaco Church, Perth, Australia.

“Amazing Grace”, 2010, Kross Werds, Hip Hop Church, Sydney.

“Jesus in the Old Testament”, From 2007, Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, South Korea.

Lecture about Jewish people, 2005, C3 Bible College, Sydney.

“Who is Melchizedek?”. Given at APAC in Albion Park, NSW (Sydney) 15 May 2016