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What’s ahead.

For those who ask, “Where do you meet?” this list of “speaker dates” is the best place to start. All our preaching schedule is online here on the website. Many Christians come and bring a friend along, ok? Each of these meeting places is open and welcoming to visitors. To find ‘the best place to find us,’ click Speaker Dates. We might actually be in your vicinity which would make it easy for you to come along.
Sometimes we meet up for prayer or for encouragement; sometimes to celebrate historic actions of the Almighty and sometimes for no particular reason. We welcome your joining us in Sydney and beyond.
OneNewMan is our monthly meeting in Waverley. Next meeting’s flyer is here.

Bible Class.

Thursday evening Bible class for Jewish people (and Gentiles who are married/partners with Jews)… Thursdays @ 6.
Meeting at 58 Bronte Road.
Great place for Jewish people to meet and study and learn together. Limited space.
This is not the ‘open meeting’ for anyone and everyone. We are studying the Book of Judges.