Opportunities for service

Our organisation is looking for people who want to obey God and who want to work in His vineyard.

Locally, we need folks who want to evangelise with us, out on the streets, and who want to help in reception and as a barista at our book/ coffee shop in Bondi. We need musicians and dancers who want to help us in our messianic meetings. We welcome those who want to officially connect with us as state representatives or help in any number of ways through our CoLabourer in Messiah (CLIM) network. Read about it here  This means people who want to gather others into a monthly prayer meeting or who want to represent us in conferences and such.

Internationally, also we need administrative personnel who can write, type or draw. Our needs include public relations and management as well as secretarial and janitorial enterprises. Application can be made through this website.

Maybe you´d like to be a chef in our New York City campaign or a secretary in Paris. How about learning to ship goods and print our newsletters in San Francisco or supporting our teams in Israel? Here in Sydney we need volunteers to hand out tracts with us, to stuff and label envelopes, to type and to do graphic design, to draw and create window displays for our Book shop window in Bondi Junction.

In New Zealand and Singapore, we need volunteers to help our CLIMs in sending our newsletters, people to join us in prayer networks. To be honest, we are looking for helping hands in many arenas.

Do you speak many languages? We need translators everywhere. Summer internships are often available too. Contact us if you want short-term as well as long term opportunities.

To find out how you can serve Jews for Jesus please contact us here.

You might want to consider a 2nd career. You have worked hard and put your children into uni and now you can enjoy the rest of life, and maybe now God is doing a thing to call you to work in His harvest fields. It’s never too late.

We have a retired accountant who has maintained his accountancy to serve God as our accountant for 16 years. A retired mining executive continues to serve God in being our treasurer. Retirement just means you have more time to do what you want (and maybe give God some extra time with us). One retired woman volunteers in our book shop as a receptionist!

One more thing about donations: Please Note: We knowingly only accept donations from those who already believe like we do. To calculate in your own currency (if not Australian dollars), we can help you if you email us. Thanks so much. We really appreciate you!

Regarding wills:

Please include the following wording in your will if you wish to make a contribution in your will to Jews for Jesus after you pass on from this life to be with Yeshua.

“I bequeath the sum of $xxxx or xx% of my estate, free of all Probate and Death Duties to Jews for Jesus of Australia, (ABN: 50 084 937 422). Address: Shop 1/ 58 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022. in the State of New South Wales, for the general purpose of the said organization and I DECLARE that the receipt of the Jews for Jesus authorized officer shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees who shall not be obliged to see to the application thereof.”