Prayer points

Thanks friends for checking this page and joining us in seeking God on behalf of His purposes in these last days.

Please pray for our staff and all Jewish people in Israel. We will a major outreach soon. Thanks.
Please pray for our book shop in Bondi Junction. Please pray for more volunteers to join us there and on the phones and on the streets. And pray for safety for the shop in increasingly hostile times.

Please pray for our leader Bob Mendelsohn as he travels throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore regularly. For safety and for good and long-lasting relationships. Check Speaker Dates for more info.

Pray for our staff situation. The team is looking for more younger Jewish believers to work with us. Pray for each of us, Craig, Mark, Rahel, Bob and Patty and James our barista as well. Others are hoping to be part of us. Please pray for more young Jewish people who want to join our team.

We are slightly ahead for the financial year financially. Praise the Lord who gives us solid donors and an increased donor base here in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, to reach targets of evangelism in the Jewish communities around our region.

Please pray for our gatherings, like the monthly OneNewMan fellowships, the weekly Jewish Bible classes, the special holiday events, and such. Pray that we will have meetings which are meaningful, where the Word of God is allowed to make its way into people’s hearts, and where Jewish people, both believers and enquirers, can seriously find ‘home.’ Visit OneNewMan.

Many Jewish enquirers are dealing with the issue of Jesus. Please pray for willingness and courage on their behalf. Especially pray for Manny, Nira, Amy, Tal, Malka, Leon, Dani, Linda, Loretta, Sam, Jacqui, Jacob, Frieda, Tal, Zarina, Angela, Reuben, Shimon, Leon, Andrew, Jeremy, Michael, Batya, Ernie, Alex, Joseph, Richard, Helene, Simon, Jonathan, Chuck, Shachar, Hannah, Bruce, Harry, Howard, Eyal, Ezekiel, Malvina, Michael, Dadim, Josh, Andres, Jacob, Judy, David, Adler, Mary, Tristen, Rhys, Vadim, Eli, Alan, Ean, Andi, Daniel, Tess, Shaul, Harry, Lionel, Leah, Joel, Alex (a female), Yifat, Tali, Phoebe, Igal, Zev, Mandy, Tess (a male), Yehuda, Chris (yup, sounds so non-Jewish),  Shai, Nira, Elliot, Noam, Avi, Vitaly, Marlena, Jena, Deborah, Frank, George, Eli, Jeremy, Sarah, Eilan, Anne, Amit, Daniel, Haggai, Stephan, Gil, Paul, Zuzy, Yishai, Dahlia, Tamar, Rabbi Mordechai, Avram, Barry, Leah, Vladimir, Eric, Nathan, Sam, Sarah, Becky, Dahlia,  Kitty and another Kitty, Dianne, Joseph, Darren, Mark, Rachel, Rina, Anne, Ethan, Claire, Yechiel, Nicky, Nicole, Amikam, Scott, Louie, Brent, Gil, Jerry, Felix, Rodney, Deborah, John, Arielle, Nancy, Judy, Isaac, Nikki, Louie, Andres, Peter, Tova, Marc, Johnny, Maureen, Simcha, Lauren, Walter, Oren, Dan, Margaret, Yafit, Fiona, Judy, Ori, Jess, another rabbi surname Cohn, Mark, Janna, Paul, Eugenia, Rachel, Saul, Tim, Ivan, Kitty, Bernie, Martin, Elijah, Gail, Doug, Julia, Sara, Gavin, Ian and Henry. Also Mykaela, Noa, Nat, Tal, Alex, Nate, Bela, another Dan, Mira, Jeremy, Jared, Eli, Tal, John, Eugene and Dora. Also Judy, Mike, another Michael. And please add Rick to the list, too. Thanks. And keep Lior and another Lior in your prayers. May they remain open to Yeshua.

Please pray for newish believers: Eytal, Mark, Tom, Nancy, David, Paul, Phil, Chloe, Lynn, Rosa, Tom, Vanessa, Anne, Henry, Steve, Isaac, Peter, Flora, Barbara, David, Natalie, Joshua, Paul, Moshe, Deb, Louis, Carolyn, Robert, and Judith to grow in their faith and their love for Yeshua.

Also pray for us as we work to gather believers together in various methods. OneNewMan seems to be working in this regard. It’s an encouragement to know we are not the ‘only one’ but some are fairly isolated.

We would invite you to gather some friends to pray along with you. Perhaps a monthly prayer meeting at your home or church? If you do that, would you let us know you are joining us in this way? Then we can send you even more prayer requests and our monthly Prayer Umbrella. Thank you for considering this. If you want, please write us at [email protected].

Thanks so much for caring about these requests and for praying.