Prayer points

Pray for our staff situation. Pray for each of us, Craig, James, Penny, Tomer, Rebekah, Bob and James our barista as well. Others are hoping to be part of us. Please pray for more young Jewish people who want to join our team. And for the finances to supply what each will need in participation.

We are slightly behind for the year financially. Praise the Lord who gives us solid donors and an increased donor base here in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, to reach targets of evangelism in the Jewish communities around our region. We just replaced our old car with a new one, which took almost all our reserves. Please pray for a substantial response from our winter appeal letter going out as August begins. Thanks.

Please pray for newish believersAdam, Eytal, Mark, Nancy, David, Paul, Phil, Chloe, Lynn, Rosa, Vanessa, Anne, Henry, Steve, Isaac, Peter, Flora, Barbara, David, Joshua, Paul, Moshe, Deb, Louis, Carolyn, Robert, and Phil, to grow in their faith and their love for Yeshua. Help them, Lord, to share what they believe with others who also need to hear and to believe.

Many Jewish enquirers are dealing with the issue of Jesus. Please pray for willingness and courage on their behalf. Especially pray for Peter, Hershel, Julia, Amy, Manny, Nira, Amy, Tal, Malka, Leon, Dani, Linda, Loretta, Sam, Jacqui, Jacob, Frieda, Tal, Zarina, Angela, Reuben, Sonia, Gerry, Sophie, Shimon, Leon, Andrew, Jeremy, Michael, Batya, Ernie, Alex, Joseph, Richard, Helene, Simon, Jonathan, Chuck, Shachar, Hannah, Bruce, Harry, Howard, Eyal, Benjamin, Ezekiel, Malvina, Michael, Dadim, Josh, Andres, Jacob, Judy, David, Adler, Mary, Tristen, Rhys, Vadim, Eli, Alan, Ean, Andi, Daniel, Tess, Shaul, Harry, Lionel, Leah, Joel, Alex (a female), Yifat, Tali, Phoebe, Igal, Zev, Mandy, Tess (a male), Yehuda, Chris (yup, sounds so non-Jewish),  Shai, Nira, Elliot, Noam, Avi, Vitaly, Marlena, Jena, Deborah, Frank, George, Eli, Jeremy, Sarah, Eilan, Anne, Amit, Daniel, Haggai, Stephan, Gil, Paul, Zuzy, Yishai, Dahlia, Tamar, Rabbi Mordechai, Avram, Barry, Leah, Vladimir, Eric, Nathan, Sam, Sarah, Becky, Dahlia,  Kitty and another Kitty, Dianne, Joseph, Darren, Mark, Rachel, Rina, Anne, Ethan, Claire, Yechiel, Nicky, Nicole, Amikam, Scott, Louie, Brent, Gil, Jerry, Felix, Rodney, Deborah, John, Arielle, Nancy, Judy, Isaac, Nikki, Louie, Andres, Peter, Tova, Marc, Johnny, Maureen, Simcha, Lauren, Walter, Oren, Dan, Margaret, Yafit, Fiona, Judy, Ori, Jess, another rabbi surname Cohn, Mark, Janna, Paul, Eugenia, Rachel, Saul, Tim, Ivan, Kitty, Bernie, Martin, Elijah, Gail, Doug, Julia, Sara, Gavin, Ian and Henry. Also Mykaela, Noa, Nat, Tal, Alex, Nate, Bela, another Dan, Mira, Jeremy, Jared, Eli, Tal, John, Eugene and Dora. Also Judy, Mike, another Michael. And please add Rick to the list, too. Thanks. And keep Lior and another Lior in your prayers.

May they remain open to Yeshua.