The Messianic Jewish community is a social unit that shares the Messiahship of Yeshua in common.
Many other concerns arise from time to time, including the state of Israel, assimilation, Jewish culture, humor, and story, and family matters. The Messianic Jewish community includes Jewish people who have professed faith in Yeshua as Messiah and who choose to continue to identify with Him and one another.
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One-off events

The biblical record shows believers from the community of faith who practice the religion of our fathers at both fixed and one-off times. Those include the weekly Sabbath and the annual holidays and appointed times of Passover and Sukkot. But of note here are the four main times a Jewish person makes a statement about him(her)self. [Read More]

Calendar of events

We meet regularly for fellowship (chavurah) and for Bible teaching. Special events occur during Jewish festivals (Passover, High Holidays, and Hanukkah especially). The calendar shows both public and limited events. [Read More]


Our monthly OneNewMan gathering is the primary venue for Jews and others to gather to learn, to pray together, to donate, to enjoy each other. Each year we choose different themes. See this year. [Read More]

Alliances/ partnerships

We happily share with others who have similar aims, and who care about Jewish people and our Messiah. Here are some partners in ministry. [Read More]

In conversation

Live chat is good for immediate concerns, and many use typical social media like Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. We also keep eGroups going for less immediate conversation. [Read More]


We have thousands of photos to peruse and enjoy on Flickr. [Read More]

History of the community in AustralAsia

Jewish people have been in Australia since First Fleet arrived in 1788. Jewish believers in Jesus have been recognizable and part of the fabric of Aussie society since around 1930. [Read More]


What is a Jew for Jesus? Where do you meet? What does it cost to join? Aren’t you just Christians after all? [Read More]